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Posts published in November 2020

Online Dating Tips: How to Write Messages the Right Way

How To Write Messages The Right Way When Dating Online.

After signing up for an Online Dating Site, Setting up your profile, you’re now ready to send messages to your matches. This is how to write messages the right way when dating online.

Determine common ground.

Take a quick glance at their bio. Identify a common ground between you and the other person. Outline any interests that you share e.g.

  • Music
  • Books
  • School

What caught your eye?

When going through the recipient’s profile, you might come across a specific interest that will make you take the next action, i.e. reaching out; through text.

This will obviously give the recipient a sense of security and assurance that you did not just “copy-paste!” your text and they will eventually reply to your text.

Sense of humor.

Time to crack a joke or two. Receiving the reply, that’s a big win! Bring your humorous self into the game and believe me, you won’t hate what will come forth. Research shows that ladies will always choose someone who has a big sense of humor over someone who doesn’t.

Take the shot, get rid of the awkwardness in the air, crack a joke , it will be worth it. However, do not go overboard and ruin the whole moment with “forced humor”

If it doesn’t work out for you, take the good-hearted and tenderness lane, it’s the good personality and behavior that matters most of the time.

How to Send Messages the Right Way When Dating Online – Flirting.

After getting along for some time, you may want to flirt with the guy on the other side online. Beware though, flirting can turn out to be messy or even cold, that is, if someone won’t consider their tone well on the text.

Tone and emphasis are the backbone of a text message. This makes it hard for many people to flirt on their phones, leaving them one choice, keeping calm and waiting until we know the other person better.

Be Exclusive.

Get a little personal? Yes! Make it all about the other person Ask them open-minded questions; Make them tell you more about themselves.

It will make someone feel better talking to you, a life hack, thank me later!

Display your Smarts/creativity/gifts

Make the other person want to choose you over your competitors. How do you bring this to action? Show him/her what you’re capable of, unleash the juicy long interesting texts/questions that will make her stick around your inbox.

Texts that will not only increase her curiosity and easy for her to respond but also, out-message your competitors in his/her inbox.

How to write messages the right way when dating online.

Getting the right wording, tone and reason for messaging let’s you out-message your competitors. When things get better and you’re chatting, keep it simple, some humor here and there. Showing kindhearted traits is a great hack. Hope you now know how to write messages the right way when dating online.

What is Sugar Dating?

What Is Sugar Dating

This dating practice involves two parties i.e. a Sugar Baby and a Sugar Daddy/Momma. In this type of relationship, the sugar baby occasionally receives gifts and financial support in exchange for an ideal company. The sugar daddy/momma is always way wealthier and older than the sugar baby. Nowadays, sugar dating can be spoken of more openly and honestly that it used to be before. The question ‘What is Sugar dating’ has gotten to appear on search engines. From this, you can tell how open and comfortable people get to chat and talk about sugar dating. Hook up sites have been growing rapidly due to the big demand of sugar dating sites online. People have gotten to sign up, have profiles, and even get to hook up with their partners online.

People have come up with sugar dating hook up companies whereby they offer hook-up connections to interested sugar daddies, sugar mommas, and sugar babies. They offer a variety of services like Counsel, relationship advice, sexuality advice, and even entrepreneurship.

Sugar dating is most prevalent in urban centers whereby we have many college and university students. Students make up a big proportion of the sugar dating individuals in online dating sites and apps.

What is a sugar daddy?

Looking for a generous older richer man? Having a sugar daddy would sound like such a perfect idea. A sugar daddy is a generous, older, and richer man seeking platonic company in exchange of financial benefits. They’re drawn to younger women who they can get to spend time with and even get to establish a relationship. At the start of the relationship, the two parties come to an agreement, financially. They get to agree on whether their relationship is going to be sexual or not. Sometimes, sugar babies get to earn a ‘bad reputation’ due to the sexual issue tied up to the Sugar daddy- baby relationship.

Is Sugar Dating safe

Sites like Seeking Arrangement, Rich Meet Beautiful, and Sugar Daddie have come up with terms and conditions that are favorable to this kind of relationship. They’ve gotten to answer the question “What is Sugar Dating” and even gone further to offer Sugar Dating- related services like hookups.They have complied to the people’s needs and made Sugar Dating official and easy on the internet. However, sometimes the Sugar babies can be invited to Hotel rooms and maybe the sugar Daddy or momma’s home; a bite one’s nail situation! especially when sex is not part of the deal.

It’s advisable for a sugar baby to make sure the relationship boundaries are set right before they dive right into a relationship. Avoid meeting in private places if sex is off the deal so you won’t have to worry about your safety and other insecurities.

Is sugar dating equivalent to sex work?

No. Many people jump into conclusion and assume that someone in a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship offers intimacy in exchange for financial support and material benefits.

That may not be the case in every relationship. Relationship boundaries and policies vary from an individual to another. Before you get into such a relationship, make sure you understand what is sugar dating and what it entails. After that, you can get to set boundaries with your partner and have the kind of relationship you desire.

What is Sugar Dating and what it’s all about.

Sugar daddy/momma relationships have led to the growth of Hook-Up sites online where individuals get to sign up, make profiles and meet their partners. The existence of Dating and Hook-up apps has made Sugar dating easy in the modern world.